Friday, December 23, 2005

Lifestyles of the Successfully Zombie-fied

um. ok so my cousin and his family just moved to our area because he got a job here. anyway, his wife and him go to these meetings every week for this secret society as far as i can tell. the meetings are always in hotel conference rooms, and he really wants me to come to one with him saying they are totally "awesome" and "life-changing." it sounds kind of
cultish and scary, but they're really into them. anyway, i finally agreed to come to one with him, and then bailed yesterday saying i have something else because i'm sort of mad skeptical and hesitant. so then i emailed him postponing and asking him to let me know more about what this is all about before i commit. i just got this email. and the first word that came to my mind was: BRAINWASHED. auuhghghghghhhh it's downright fah-reeky.

Hi Aparna,

In simple plain words...

Its about making a Happy, Successful & Secure Lifestyle for yourself.....and
helping others to achieve the same...throughout the World.

Its one person at a time..

Its the best out there..Its the best learning of the best by
only people highly successful in life.

Check it out yourself...if it makes sense..its okay..if it doesn't, no big



anywherebutTX said...

Does making a happy life for yourself consist of drinking the cyanide punch and having 5 wives??? Scary stuff...

dink said...

Gadzooks! Sounds like Amway.