Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Disclaimer Proclamation

no one should get me wrong. despite my bitching and moaning, i am grateful. for all of it. for you. and for me. and for me knowing you, in whatever sense i do. and for the world. and for things. everything is such an experience. even being cranky. don't forget that. the rest is just icing. on the cake.

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I Am Dali said...

that looks like a merry-go-round that i once was.

you see i once was a merry-go-round spinning around and people were riding me. then chocolate started shooting everywhere.

then i busted my axle and went rolling uncontrollably across town like a loose wagonwheel. the music didn't stop neither.

the biggest coincidence of all though was that i crashed into a huge cake, which broke my fall as i tipped over. did a fine job of cushioning me with its sponge. came to a rest. my momentum laid down and went to sleep, and had the sweetest dreams, no one was injured.