Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Living the Dream: Afternoon Edition

So here is what I want to say. It's afternoon now. Productivity has gone from nonexistent to negative. My brilliant discovery this afternoon was deciding that Kanye West's female alterego would be named Kanya East. Other than that, well, all is unfair in this game of hate and peace. I've done some stalking, some mocking, some backtalking.

kanye v. kanya

I should just throw in the towel and say, "hey coach [ahem, lifecoach], I think today is better left out of the aparna history books." But life coaches don't buckle easy. And I was just given a firm talking-to, and told to get back in the ring.

After all, it is Mardi Gras.

OH mylanta. Remember flatline date guy? I thought things had pretty much diminished after his fable of wisdom. And then I get this today:

Hey, so I re-read the story after our chat the other day, and now I'm a bit curious -what did you make of it? (if anything at all)

So naturally, I responded with uber-sincerity:

I wept a little. I will not lie.

And, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, CLOSURE: [cue applause and standing O]

sorry about the weeping thing. still, thanks. it's about as sincere as I can get. (fin)

Now this is what I call a PHAT Tuesday.


I Am Dali said...

no no the question is what did HE make of it.

i think..... nothing

with a prism you can split white light into a bunch of colors. cause white light is already a bunch of colors, tightsqueezed, like a shy head of lettuce hiding its icebergs.



aparna , show me the prism that can split that guy into constituent colors

--and i'll believe in god

it'd be like making juice from peels


i'm talkin RINDS.

Aparna said...

sounds intense....i want a piece of that prism.

I Am Dali said...

no i don't think you do.

Aparna said...

oh trifle.