Sunday, March 05, 2006

Feel the Luv

my mother's on an e-card sending rampage. if i see another gently gliding sunshine animation or rollicking teddy bear HUG just for you, i might have to call in the big guns. anybody who's even three degrees removed from her should be receiving a little virtual love any second now. oh snap.

proper etiquette for receiving e-card: GAWK. turn off speakers. shudder. shudder. pick one of your own and send back to sender. plus 14 other people you've been neglecting in your life. it's a vicious cycle.

soon all friendships will solely revolve around the click of a button. and a smiling, dancing rainbow.


Ron said...

I think that's apparently the best thing about's easy to send the right message (the hi-sorry-i-really-don't-think-of-you-enough-to-actually-talk/call/write/sendacard-but-i-just-happened-upon-your-email-and-so-this-is-a-good-way-to-save-face) that let's the right person know that you care.

[i hate midi files.]

Aparna said...

don't we all, ron, don't we all. perhaps i'll send you an apologetic e-card.