Saturday, March 04, 2006

Is It Too Late to Forfeit??

ok my parents just started vacuuming the house, even though i explicitly told them i need to do my very important silence-is-mandatory-except-for-good-music work. i am thinking of taking a page out of the book of a small terrier and running around the vacuum, jumping towards it and dodging around it, yapping frenetically. i guarantee results in some form or another.

meanwhile, my parents rented this bollywood movie where this male playa is killed by a vindictive ex and comes back to earth in the form of a woman to learn his lesson about what it's like to be a girl. this could be earthshattering but truly a must-see. i can't wait.

i spent an entire date last night explaining why i have no faith left in men and always pausing to say, "except for you, of course." game over, baby. insert another quarter and start praying.


Ron said...

yea, so apparently we are a breed not to be trusted. there are a few of us that aren't jerks but since there are so many that ruin it for us it's almost better to lump every guy together as necessary evils. it has been scientifically proven ( women are the root of all evil. it's science, you can't argue.

Aparna said...

i'm not here to argue!