Friday, March 03, 2006

Mommy Knows Worst

my mother is such a trifling little hoohaw.
she was eating a tasty snack after she got home from work. we both agreed it was tasty.
then she said "tell me something."
so then i told her an editor spoke highly of my work and praised me.
and she was like "oh oh oh i am so excited. how thrilling!"
and i was like "I KNOW!!!"
and she was like "oh snacks! what a wonderful world of snacks!!! for my stomach!!!"
and then i made a face.
and she cackled.


DoctorBoogaloo said...

Good stuff.
Cheers from the doc.

Ron said...

that's unfortunate. my best friend does that too much with phone calls...he'll be like "hey i just had the best lunch/dinner/snack ever, i went to [blah] and ate [blah]..." and he would go into vivid detail about each scrumptous morsel of food. yea, i hate that.

on a completely unrelated topic i just finished having the most wonderful ice cream ever...i decided that ice cream after lunch was necessary and i had some turkey hill "sundae con crunch" flavor and it actually tastes like a sugar cone!'s got just the right mix of caramel and chocolate and the vanilla is the best i've ever had...yum.

Aparna said...

doc -- thanks! your blog is candy to my eyes as well.

ron -- i love food describers. they are indulgent in a way that stiff society often prohibits. speaking of which, that ice cream, oh goodness. hypocrite!