Saturday, April 29, 2006

No, You Can't Smoke It

so today i made a cake. i had to because otherwise, i would have eaten all the frosting before it even had a rightful place in society. so i made the cake foundation for it.

and when i was taking said french vanilla cake out of the oven, it ripped, of course. a big jagged cut right down the bottom right corner of it. a giant maw, out of which would possibly jump little gremlins and/or tiny strippers.

so, when i was frosting it, i accentuated the crack. no use hiding flaws. people are going to see right through your deceptions.

and then using chocolate chips, i christened it: CRACK CAKE. (get it?)

now i need to find a lucky recipient of the crack cake. if it lives up to its name, it will be addictive. and cause feelings of euphoria.

i don't have a camera so here is a recreation of CRACK CAKE using microsoft PAINT:

i love spending time with people who do as many voices, if not more voices, than you do. all of them fabulous, natch.


Bryan Anthony the First said...

looks like a tectonic plate ;-)


Aparna said...

haha what does pahingi mean?

Bryan Anthony the First said...

pahingi: loosely translated as "can i have some"

example. Pahingi fuck? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just don't leave it out in the rain! ha ha (McArthur Park reference)


Aparna said...

i know. how can you go wrong with KAAAYKE?!