Monday, April 17, 2006

Watch Me Mishandle My Shit

day one: unemployment

- wake up at noon
- have to do comedy in three hours
- malevolent cough is back (as if to say, "the real world? you can't HANDLE the real world!")
- felt ill. ate some cereal. felt iller. thought maybe some chocolate cake would help. WRONG. you are the weakest link, goodbye.
- applying to 14 jobs in 20 minutes. and GO.


Ashley said...

yeaaaaaaaah. Although, chocolate cake seems like a good idea anytime, it probably wasn't the best idea here.

I'm just sayin.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

how about cat vodka ? vodka and crushed caterpillar... ;-)

Aparna said...

ashley - agreeeeeed.

bryan a. the first - yikes. have you ever had this so-called beverage?