Tuesday, June 06, 2006

We Here at Aparna Corp. Bring You TDS

i spill something on myself everyday. and now that they have these new jumbo servings of takeout ketchup, the odds are even higher. i'm starting a new segment called "TDS" - the daily stain. if we're lucky, i'll keep it going for a week.

anyway, today's stain of the day.

what: coffee
where: upper left thigh of pants near crotch
color: reddish brown
color of pants: lighter brown than coffee
shape: lake/island with tiny lake/island on top of it
to an unsuspecting observer, this stain looks like: a case of bad period hygiene

yeah i said it.


Anonymous said...

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Yoda said...

OMG. That is bad. Were you at work or something? Last summer, one of my trousers gave way BIG time at my workplace (I was interning at that time). I had to literally run back home to change. Horrible.

Aparna said...

it was pretty crazy but i am usually sporting stains at any given time. as horrible as that sounds!