Thursday, June 22, 2006

Your Presence is Astounding...on the Web

this is terrible. what is?

my obsessive use of networking sites. i think i'm on all of them now minus and i just caved and filled out my myspace profile yesterday and then went haywire adding friends. i realize i am one of those annoying people who just likes to add friends even if we just made eyes once at a dingy bus station and i somehow retained your name.

i realize this, ok? i'm more than aware, thanks. i know i have a problem! i fully acknowledge it. if someone walked up to me right now, preferably a man in a dark coat, dark suit and dark shades, and said "you have a problem. come with me," i would say, "yes, yes i do, take me away!" in fact, first, i would salute him and his own lavalife profile! i would salute him and then put myself at ease once my arm got tired.

i just like having friends. 7 or 77, i'm going to aim high. do we really live in a society where you have to have exchanged firstborns to be friends? well, do we? that's what i thought. in any case, if you see me on myspace in a thirsty mood, well don't hesitate to holler.

internet says: stop hogging me, aparna!!!

i'm in a really good mood. and it's not just because i might get to work at "guide to retirement living."


Tara said...

lol. Im part of alot of internet sites too. I used to have a myspace account, but i deleted it.

Aparna said...

i know. it's terrible. it's good for networking though, i guess? i don't know how i justify these things so quickly to myself.

Yoda said...

Well, your blogger presence brings forth a smile on my face every morning.

Gosh. That's the corniest thing I said in a loooong time.


kuazee said...

welcome to the 21st century. (dont you miss the 90's)

Aparna said...

awww thanks yoda.

i do miss the 90s braindead. a lot. but there's no time like the present.