Monday, July 24, 2006

Collect All 4 New Friends! But the Old Ones Are Worth Way More on Ebay.

today is interesting thus far. this lady on the street called me a "fake ho," but i think the voices told her to. i was trying to network for jobs on my cellphone when she did it, so really, her timing was exquisite like a handcut diamond. so was the fire truck that came whizzing by after her. the city stops for no woman, no man, no stop sign and no job opportunity.

hey let's talk about making friends. you have to love the ones you have.

and i used to be a lot more open about making new ones.

but now, there's more temperance. i will still be friends with anything and anyone but i don't propose as easily. i use to basically propose marriage to anyone who took interest in me barring sleazy, creepy or intolerant.

arm's length isn't so bad but it depends on how long your arms are

now i keep most at arm's length. i don't know who benefits, who doesn't. but enough disappointment. enough crumbled cheese expectations. i really like my current arsenal. am eyeing a few new toys. but unless there are some real sleek improvements and conveniences, probably no more impulse buys.

impulse buy, has character though...get it? get it? get it?

that being said, i don't write most people off neither. i just put them in the back pantry. for special occasions and rainy days.

HAHAHAHA. one day someone will arrest me for excessive metaphor use. and it will be glorious because they will cuff me with my own wicked words.

this all being said, i think i keep attracting people on myspace who are either a) divorced and/or b) bodybuilders because i took a few liberties with the personal information section. eh. i don't know how to break it to them.

question: do any girls really perk up if someone addresses them as "sweet lady?" it does nothing for me incidentally. and, in fact, makes me want to smash my keyboard on my face.


dink said...

well, it seems only natural to get a bit more careful friend-wise as you go along. It's quality not quantity, right?

I'm with ya on the "sweet lady" thing also don't like being addressed as "Miss ______" fill in the blank (usually some fakey complimenty deal) arg.

I loved your sun dress post. I loved the post and I love sun dresses. :-D

Aparna said...

dink!!!! i gotta make a pie! yeah, i think the only one i tolerate is "miss sweet lady friend honey baby sugarpie." that one is the exception to the rule. just because it's over the top. and said, in most cases, ironically.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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