Friday, July 28, 2006

Hasty Decisions Are Best Made Going Into the Weekend

i finally came up with a middle name for myself. blanket.

take it or leave it.

i knew i learned english for a reason.


dink said...

I guess I'll lump it. ;-)

I think one of Michael Jackson's children is named blanket ...who woulda thunk there'd be two of you.

Yoda said...

leave it and be left out in the cold??

No thanks. Name sold!

Ox said...

YAY! The return of the blanket!!! Linus (I think that was the right one from Charlie Brown) would be proud!

Aparna said...

i'm sorry i caused such an uproar...but i'll take the lumps and i'll take the blanket. dink! there are two now! possibly an unknown third! yoda. how much did it go for? OX. THANKS FOR THE BLOG-LINK. that is the most fame i've ever experienced and boy, does it feel head-swelling. oh wait, that's the beesting.