Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Someone Punch Me

i think the internet is dying. nobody updates their blog anymore. nobody emails anymore. everything is old. except for new updates, which seem old because everything is blasdhksdfjksdkfjsdfkjskdfjsdkfjksjfksdjflksfweuriouwer m,xvcmxnc.
yeah i said it. what? is everyone suddenly busy and living without electricity?! huh? lame.

current mood: cranky mccrankerpants.

yeah i'll get over it. just gimme two seconds.


Chris Doucette said...

OK fine. I purposely made myself sick so I'd have something to blog about. Happy?

Yoda said...

"nobody emails anymore"

I would, provided you listed your email address on the blog!

Aparna said...

yes. i am happy. whatever it takes.

i can't put my email on my blog or people start being freaky. not you, the others.