Monday, September 04, 2006

Just Got Off a Bender...a Fender Bender

three day weekends are good for...

courtesy of & Ralph Pippey
it was a high-stepping few days!

--bumping and grinding...your parents' car into a big white concrete column in a parking lot rendering you and your friend speechless with horror and shame.

--being treated to free drinks and a deserted section of a bar by a salsa-dancing waiter who had what i can only assume were noble intentions.

--congenial introductions...when your buddy's crazy neighbor bangs on the door at 2 a.m. while you're both watching a movie, and tells him "to make your little [friend] shut the hell up." so i laugh like a hyena, i'll admit it.

--your table being approached by two very nice gentlemen in a bar...who turn out to be at eye level with you when you stand up and at shoulder level with some of your friends (shorties hitting on shorties). the middle of a jampacked floor by myself at a wedding where i knew two people. i kept getting stepped on by large men.

well. moral of story: never cut corners in SUVs.


dink said...

glad it's only the car that was bendered.

Aparna said...

yargh. read my next post!