Monday, October 23, 2006


we just had an info session on understanding how to set up a retirement plan...and i kinda-sorta took a little nap during the whole powerpoint on understanding investments.

so if you need me in 41 years, i'll be taking a little a box on the street.

in my defense, the lady did the presentation to the tune of "rock-a-bye baby." yes, that old classic.

this will not be me. and not just because i don't want to marry an old man.
courtesy of How Stuff Works

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Anonymous said...

what if i don't wanna check out those comments

Anonymous said...


Aparna said...

well that is entirely up to you!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'll situate my retirement box under the same bridge as you. My bank account is looking pretty low these days.

Aparna said...

come one! come all!