Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote or Cry

what a stew i have created for a tuesday. tuesday stew! stewsday (you saw that coming)!!!

first of all, vote it out. whatever your beef/tofu is, vote it out.

secondly, i will not be voting it out. i didn't register in time, and therefore am a textbook example of the DON'T DO THIS pictures put up in public places like:

Don't Litter

courtesy of Flickr and belletrist9

Don't Loiter

courtesy of Flickr and chrystianss

Don't Not Vote

courtesy of Flickr and nicolasking

anyway, yes, i am miserably sorry about it and i'll go sit in the corner later. actually my cube is a corner so i'm sitting in the corner all day today and will be tomorrow and ever after...

so i showed up massively late to work because i overslept and my boss says, "i'm hoping you arrived late because you voted." and i said "unfortunately not. more like i was dreaming about some landscapers who hired themselves to remove the excess wildlife from my backyard." yes i dreamed that my backyard was infested with moose, hyenas and small black lab pups and some men came and ran them all out with a variety of gardening supplies. and no, backyard is not innuendo in these circumstances.

well now that i've shared the contents of my dream, i hope i've sufficiently bored you all. the chief perp when it comes to "you had to be there" stories that no wants to hear is recounting your dreams. i hate to say it but it's true.

unrelated to any of the above, i've decided to start calling people i have problems with "perps."


Ron said...

oh my dear...in all these tight races across the nation and aparna doesn't register in time? i'm disappointed. well, you have plenty of time to register before the next voting but you need a better excuse than that when people ask you today...make up something good.

semi-retraction on Doogie Howser, M.D.:
I just thought it was crazy because it took me by surprise, and I've found myself responding with "I still respect him/her" whenever it comes to any decisions that a former child actor makes...I dunno why...anywho I have no problem with his choice -- I respect a man (and woman's) right to choose!

Aparna said...

ron -- yeah yeah, i'm a bad person.