Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sir, I Have a Grievance!

some old classmates of mine once listed some first-world problems on their weblogs, i.e. somewhat trivial problems that bespeak first-world country residency.

well, i would like to make my own category today for those of us lucky enough to have found jobs because i realize it's not that easy, having been recently unemployed myself.

job + problems = JOBLEMS

subcategory: CUBLEMS -- i.e. problems you only have at an office 9-5 job where you live in a cube.

-- things falling off desk constantly
possible solution: stop putting everything everything near the edge of the desk.
resolution? unlikely.

-- dead cubicle plant
possible solution: stop watering plant with coffee/get special plant lamp.
resolution? very unlikely.

-- wrist pain from keyboard to hand angle.
possible solution: ergonomic keyboard.
resolution? not happening.

-- lack of cube space due to old files in boxes
possible solution: mail boxes to storage company. first procure mailing labels.
resolution? I AM SO ON THIS.

-- office kitchen lacks plastic forks.
possible solution: stock them yourself.
resolution? no thanks.

home sweet home.
courtesy of Flickr and Useless Photos by Goferboy

people should share their own joblems! or findingajoblems! or studblems (i.e., student + problems)!

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Tom said...

Just how in the world did you find my cublicle?