Monday, February 26, 2007

Showtime at the Aparno

mod indo dancin' featuring the dhoonya dance collective

we look like princess jasmines. uncanny. i am the jasmine with the demon eye.


she's holding a knife to my back. we still looked pretty composed considering that.

i was kidding about that last caption. i guess this wasn't the best place to say it.

comedyin' at poonanza IV - a sketch comedy show

poon himself.

comedian jon mumma doing gutbusting character work. meanwhile i am closing my eyes while talking and laughing. smooth.

mumma again, crushing. charactering. i am now confused. apparently i emote without using my eyes.


Lisa Fine Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

You all look beautiful.


P.S. I would love to get your email if that's okay.. mine is womenhavingitall at gmail dot com

Aparna said...

awww thanks, and i'll shoot you an email!