Wednesday, May 16, 2007

RE: The Day That Provided More Questions Than Answers

the day no emails came. (5-16-07)

it's ok, i wrote back personal notes to all my spammers. i'm resourceful.


moonrat said...

"grotesquely delicious"

i will use that expression EVERYDAY!

and if i have no reason to i will have to reassess my activities and priorities.

thank you.

moonrat said...

we are clearly soulmates. how could it be that we have never crossed paths before?!

Q.Ledbetter said...

your Gmail dot is always green...oh how I've been tempted.

one of these days I'm gonna g-chat you one of these guys:


or one of these


Lisa Fine Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

what a fluke. spammer appreciation day.


Aparna said...

moonrat -- i don't know but i'm glad the wait is over.

q -- again, the wait is over!

lisa -- i don't think it will happen again. not in this century anyway! badum chingggggg. i don't know why that was funny either.