Monday, July 02, 2007

I Do a Great Impression of Being Functional...Ahem.

who puts da funk in functional? i do!

(written in haiku, or rather, try-ku.)

bug bite on bottom?
yup. not sure how it happened.
scratching with caution.

can only chew with
the back left corner of mouth.
eating consumes time.

who brought a tough snack?
i learned baby carrots don't
melt with saliva.

cleaning rampage? yes,
this past weekend i threw out
my college degree.

i found it again
after deciding to keep
cap and gown for now.

how'd you get in there, college education? whoopsie doo!
photo courtesy of Flickr and caterina

waiting for phonecalls
is best experienced when about never?


burgos said...


moonrat said...

hahaha baby carrots. you rock. hard science research that will benefit us all.

Aparna said...

burgos -- *bow, pick up my roses*

moonrat -- ah, thanks for the adulation. i wonder if real scientists have solid fan contingents, and thereby myspace pages? i hope so.