Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Zombies Eat Brains Out of Jealousy

objects at rest stay at rest even if they drag themselves to work.

today at work my coworker asked if anyone had change for a dollar because she needed quarters for her parking meter. shortly thereafter, i found a quarter in my bagsack to donate to her fund.

then this TRAUMARAMA --

i wanted to say "here's a quarter. i would be more than happy to give this to you."

instead i said "here's a quarter. you would be more than happy for me to give this to you."

then i ran to the bathroom shrieking in embarrassment. i'm still there, 4 hours later, trembling in the stall as i type. communicating via blackberry souffle.

my new cellphone comes with a squish and splat ringtone
photo courtesy of Flickr and dogbomb


Q.Ledbetter said...

"Squish and Splat" sounds like a dirty-south-crunk chorus waiting to happen.

Aparna said...

make that happen!