Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Like Giving Candy to a Baby...

it's weird because i have a joke about candy and expiration dates so you would think i would take the matter seriously. but no, i went ahead and ate a questionably old baby reese's pb cup today. it wasn't even mine. i just found it in an office mug. before instinct could kick in, i unwrapped it and dropped it into the unsuspecting abyss. as i was smacking my jaw awaiting the happy peanut butter resolution to the chocolatey action adventure, i began sputtering in anger and disillusionment. the chocolate was waxy, and the peanut buttery center had changed to 99% sawdust and broken dreams!

bag o'fear
photo courtesy of Flickr and Banalities

anyway, i've been having pretty standard epic-movie visions since consumption.

if you have any queries/concerns/suggestions about the apocalpyse, please direct them to me. satisfactory answers available only while symptoms last! void where inhibited.


moonrat said...

can you tell us the joke?

Anonymous said...

i once had a movie-vision that i was riding a dirt bike through canyons and desserts with sand flying all over kicked up my wheels and skidding and juking to dodge assassins with machine guns to the guitar solo of metallica's ENTER SANDMAN

Anonymous said...

desert not dessert.

no dessert anywhere in the thing.

Aparna said...

moonrat - breach of blog-tract!

anonymouse - but i was really really amped about dessert. that's right, amped.