Tuesday, October 23, 2007

They're the Same Colors as the Teletubbies!

this is how awesome the part of india where i'm from is...we throw down hard with the song and dance.

(caution: pretty sexy stuff)

note to viewers: in case you think i think this video is laughable. i don't. i think it's awesome. and i love it very much...the way a mother loves a child. this video has literally improved my quality of life.

courtesy of YouTube and turbanhead

my favorite subtitle is "i am good-natured and provide satisfaction."


Amanda said...

Oh MY! Thank you ever so much for sharing this, Aparna. My favorite part is "I save everyone from HIV/AIDS." (I'll have to tell Mark - these are my new favorite superheroes...)

Yoda said...


That is some video. I'm happy to see that there are some great efforts at awareness in a part of the world which (if not checked) could easily become the worst AIDS afflicted country of all!

Aparna said...

amanda -- don't worry, it's for your pleasure too!!

yoda -- dis be da truth.

Martin Saenz said...

I think the video's offensive. It takes the focus away from other ways that woman can show affection to their men;)

Aparna said...

oh. you mean like housework and cooking?