Friday, November 30, 2007

The Only Thing Up My Nose Is Snot Blow

sneeze tally so far today: 31 and counting.

i like how people say "oh yeah, something is going around" when they're talking about a community bug or virus.

it makes me think of a little germ posse paying super-rando unannounced housecalls to everyones' bodies, crashing in their immune systems' living rooms, and leaving everything in shambles with nary a "peace out."

like that one wild friend who can't get past college who comes into town so last-minute that you don't even expect him or her until he or she is on your doorstep grinning and hungry for a weekend full of gambling-substances-infamy cocktails: shaken, not stirred.

i do not actually have a friend who fits that description but i guess i'm willing to accept the tradeoff of a cold instead. seems fair.

the end result is still lying on the floor unaware of your surroundings and cursing the day you ever trusted that lifehungry fool.

one non-stop party up in heah
photo courtesy of Flickr and Ateo Fiel


Lisa Fine/Kelly Kelly said...

feel better. get plenty of vitamin C or at least take lots of pictures of it. (love the orange art).


DiSa said...

Poor little Parn!