Friday, January 18, 2008

So You Think You Can Not Dance?

sorry for another video but this one is perfect. that's right, PERFECT. i did just raise the stakes that high. you're welcome.

even better, here is an interview snippet from A Special Thing RADIO with comedian zach galifianakis about how he almost got kicked out of the Ellen Show for not dancing (as evidenced in the clip above)...

ZG: Ellen DeGeneres almost had me kicked out of her show because of the way I looked and because I refused to dance...

Quinn and I went to the Ellen DeGeneres show. I didn't want to go. We went, and you dance for an hour. An hour! A frisbee could come out and entertain people that are whooped up like that. An inanimate object, like a stapler could come out and people'd go nuts. Because you dance for an hour to Kool & The Gang, and I just did not want to do it. Nothing against her.

Interviewer [Matt]: When was this?

ZG: Fall, I guess, a few months ago. I can't remember.

So Ellen has a camera in her dressing room so she can watch everybody, probably pick out who she wants to interact with. So she saw me, and I had a giant beard at the time, and a very disgusted look on my face. And she told security..."Who is that guy? I want him removed." Then Karen came out and told me, and she was so delighted to tell me.



Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! Actually, I probably wouldn't have danced either. Not a dancer, and that music did nothing for me. I would have just stood there and looked awkward for an hour. (AN HOUR?!?! That's really long.)

Bryan Anthony the First said...

dunno who's funnier ellen or ZG

Aparna said...

an hour is forever, booklady! i agree.

bryan anthony, don't think about it too hard. yer head might exploduh!