Friday, April 18, 2008

Celebrate Already!

It's Conan O'Brien's birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also Rick Moranis.

Also Christian Slater and Melissa Joan Hart!

Someone on the radio said it was Dr. Dre's birthday, but they were totally wrong =( =( =(!!!

I also found out I share a birthday with Deng Xiaoping. Yes, the Deng Xiaoping, Communist leader and all-around pragmatic guy.

The point of this post is...CAKEFACE for everyone!!!!!!!!

photo courtesy of Flickr and hoyasmeg

photo courtesy of Flickr and greggoconnell

photo courtesy of Flickr and schumachergirl1956

photo courtesy of Flickr and bradleypjohnson


Jason Revell said...

go shawty! its ya birfday!
we gone party like its ya birfday!

moonrat said...

have an AWESOME one!!!

(the only person i share a birthday with is a particularly misanthropic dictator. melissa joan hart is MUCH cooler.)

Aparna said...

oh whooopsie. i didn't mean it was my birthday! i just meant april 18 is a good many special peoples' birthdays. mine and deng's happens to be on august 22. but TENKS for the pleasant memories!