Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Fun" with Gchat

Sometimes I play a game on Gchat wherein I message two or more people words from a randomly picked category, and I see how they react and who responds first.

(In this case, the category was "Vegetables I associate with Fall for no logical reason whatsoever.")

Today's game had four contestants, each equally skilled.

One was Busy (as denoted by the red dot with the white bar through it).

Contestant 1

Three of them were Available (as denoted by the green dot).

Contestant 2

Contestant 3

Contestant 4

Guess what?!

Busy dot won!! First to respond and managed to work in the topic awkwardly proposed to her.
Well done, multitasking wonder-dot!!


aTypicalAZNgirl said...

i want to play!

Rishi.SB said...

interesting, i'd have instinctively rhymed it. Unless of course you pinged me an 'orange' ;)

Aparna said...

a.t.a.g. - of course! next round, you're in!! you're not supposed to know you're playing though, haha.

Rishi - thanks for visiting!! orange you glad i did not??