Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trophy Girlfriend: Valentine's Day PSA

Hi, here's a silly video I made with famed local DC comic, Hampton.

Enjoy, you boogiebears!

What it lacks in quality, it makes up for in [broken] heart.


Lisa said...


since i am commenting on a youtube video, protocol dictates that i should spew hate in a misspelled, incoherent comment. instead, i just have to say, what a funny, ironic breakup scene. sorry, but i loved it.


Aparna said...

YouTube is all like, whatevs, Lisa!

We still got poo to say...just you wait for it.

(No but seriously, thanks, haha.)

Jason Revell said...

ha! at least you got gifts!

loved it!

Aparna said...

Always gold cup half full! Love it. Thank ye kindly for watching!