Monday, March 23, 2009

Do You Know the Muffin Man? If So, Please Tell Him Thanks for Me!

Something wholely unexpected happened this past weekend.

I received a muffin basket! And it was delivered to my improv theater, not even my house! The point is, it was received in public in front of many a salivating eye.

Disclaimer: I am not the person who receives mysterious gift packages, especially if said gift packages include delicious, homemade baked goods, truffles, a chocolate bar, and a complimentary mug.

Guilt-claimer: Yes, I actually used the self-deprecating italicized note above to unabashedly brag. It's called arrogant wolf in sheepish clothing.

The basket turned out to be from the very gracious host of a show taped at a public access TV station that I performed in last year.

Economy, schme-conomy, right?! If the gift is deserved (though I cannot confirm the veracity of this statement), send it.

Anyway, I tried to share the wealth among friends and wish-they-were-my-friends alike, muffles, truffins, and all, but the real joy was in carrying a cozy-looking gift basket down the streets of DC after midnight, past wary-eyed hipsters and beyond-cool clubbers, leaving a trail of wholesome feelings that don't usually exist at that hour in my wake.


Amanda said...

yum. muffins! thank you, person who sent aparna muffins!

Aparna said...

yes, gratitude monster loves more thanks nom nom nom!