Thursday, May 28, 2009

Current Outlook = Giant Question Mark/Poor

Oh man, so I opened up my Outlook calendar and saw that I have an hour-long “planning meeting” scheduled for bright and early tomorrow morning but I couldn't recall what it was about, and so I opened it up and it said this:
Hi all,

Please try to attend this meeting, because upcoming events will be discussed.


Uh, could I be any vaguer?!

Plus I didn’t invite anybody else AND I scheduled it at a time before I normally even get to work AND I have no recollection of setting up this meeting.

Please choose the best option that summarizes this situation:

a) I am officially bonkerbananas.
b) My mandatory company Microsoft Outlook courses (with hands-on, real-life simulation exercises!!!) are bleeding into my real life.
c) My mandatory company Microsoft Outlook courses are ruining my life in a very mundane, trivial way.
d) All of the above.
e) Alien ghost babies.

P.S. In other office-related news, I just got aged cheddar crumbles all over my mouse. The saddest part is the first thing I thought after it happened was, good thing mice love cheese!!!

(No, nothing? Too soon apparently. After all, the poor lil' guy can see everything I'm typing. Nobody is Ling-OL at his expense! You hear me? Nobody!

But golly gee, if cheese got under his buttons, I am going to have one stinky robo-rodent on my hands...IT halp request, stat!)


Stephanie said...

Do you ever get drunk at work and play pranks on yourself?

Aparna said...

Not unless you mean drunk on the latest celebration cake.