Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Just Another Brilliant Idea, No Big Deal

Phones with detachable lips for long-distance couple smooching.

The lips would be made of an eco-friendly, pliable material that would feel pleasant, but not too real, or that would be creepy.

Nothing past that though or the FCC and the wiretap folks would 'ave owr 'eds!

Phony lips!
photo courtesy of Flickr and solidariat

Alright. Whatever. You try inventing genius devices on seven hours of sleep when you need 10 to function as if you're still alive.

If necessity is the mother of invention, but a mother's love is blind, than someone buy my hip-in-an-alternate-universe sunglasses-half-full as mentioned last time!!!


Sean Paul Ellis said...

Could there be a hand attachment for doling out long distance high fives to pals?!

Aparna said...

Yes, yes there could!