Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blog Posts for Everyone Today!

my cube mate just started rocking out to the post-punk rap i was playing through my headphones. so i turned the volume down. i'm such a biotch. killing small pleasures since now and later.


Tyler Sonic said... rap?

I've never heard those words together. Enlighten me!

Anonymous said...

so i have to know:

do you ever worry that your cubimate will discover your top-secret blog identity?

in other news, how are you? i hope you're feeling better. the stars have been against you for the past few days, i see. *hug*

m+d (how appropriate) have convinced me to go to this wedding though i'm not really too stoked about any matrimania.

but say you'll be there and watch my mood turn to a brilliant emerald! (that's the best one, right?)

i hope you don't care that i've given up on e-mail and chosen to use only public formats of communication. oh wait, you're the one who blogs. :)


fragrance store said...

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Aparna said...

kitchen tiles---go to, i'm addicted to him sort of.

bean---my cubemate seems to limit internet use to looking for baby clothes (she's a little bit preggers) so i'm not too too worried bout it. if she sees all this one day, well, i'll get what's coming to me.

shine it up emerald, i'm coming to the wedding. if blog comments are the only way to talk to you, well then bring it on, word verification!

fragrance store -- it's so funny, at first i thought you were a spam ad and i was going to delete you and then i thought 'no, i'm just going to leave you up so you can feel stupid next to the real comments.' pbbbt. at least you smell good.

Anonymous said...

wait, you're making fun of a pregnant lady?

what kind of monster are you?

that ugly baby picture is out of control. that's like the omen times ten scary.

glad that your brain has short-fused itself into reality.

welcome back.


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