Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Let There Be Rain, and Supersize That Please

well, guess what?

i was almost swept away in a flooded creek yesterday. i was up to my thighs in muddy water. another neighborhood trot gone awry. my parents just about killed me when i relayed the news. how was i to know the little trail next to the creek would be mostly creek, not so much trail anymore? i certainly felt rugged. until i saw the little beaver swimming by me, headed straight for the makeshift rapids. man, now that's rugged.


in other news, muslim weddings are very painfree. a simple agreement by both parties and the marriage is sealed. no coming down the aisle, no walking around the fire. simplicity is key.

chicago was crispix friendly. i saw the movie beauty shop. go latifah go. beat down those stereotypes. starting reading about the fat movement. and came back to unemployment and a flood. it's fitting that on the first day of unemployment, there was a flood.

survivors: aparna + a beaver
skills: procrastinating, napping and building dams


Yoda said...

You're in Chicago now?

One of my friends is interning somewhere in upstate New York and he had a giant car accident due to all the rains! Be safe!!

dink said...

Aparna (a.k.a. Danger Girl),

I'm glad you weren't swept away. Maybe you should give up jogging for something a little safer ...bungee jumping, maybe.

Wake that Beaver up and tell him times awastin', you could use some help with that dam. ;-)

Ashley said...

beavers are cool! Aparna=one bad ass beaver.

Aparna said...

i'm alive! i'm alive!

yoda -- no, i was just visiting chicago! but it was fun.

dink -- that beaver has a great work ethic. i would have taken liberal leave on monday.

ashley -- haha. you know what beaver means in slang, right?

Yoda said...

"you know what beaver means in slang, right?"

LOL! Now that you mention it ...