Friday, July 14, 2006

Daily Intake: Low-Rise Flares

it's hard to write about things when the world is going nutso an ocean and a sea away.

a gratifying pineapple bread pudding for dinner? check.
yes, for the first time in the history of my life, after some peer pressure, i returned my salad to the waitress because it "wasn't good." it wasn't quite as spectacularly assertive as i dreamed it would be, as i kept apologizing and finally peeped that i was expecting romaine and i got iceberg. i hate being that cunt. but seriously, iceberg! with mayonnaise dressing! for 7 dollars?! OUTRAGE SOUP is what that was.

ironically or maybe not. i still have a hard time defining irony correctly due to a mindflip of a high school english teacher.
mayonnaise and pickle for breakfast? you got it.

finally. lunch today. a pair of black interview pants. due to housesitting, i don't have any. and i've been craving some. for carry-out. OBVIOUSLY.

where are the pants?


C said...

i think we've discussed our disdain for iceberg lettuce in the past. it's non-nutritious, tasteless, pale, and dare i say...sticky to the tooth?

BLECH! haha

Yoda said...

Sticky to the tooth?

Add to that gassy to the intestine!

Tyler Sonic said...

Aparna, if you ever record and album, write a book, or anything that pertains to your comedy or neuroses, it has to be called "Outrage Soup." You have no choice now.

Aparna said...

sticky to the truth! yes, yoda, it's a very very hip expression. used by only the hottest youngsters.

tyler -- you got it!