Friday, July 14, 2006

Shallow Thoughts

sometimes i see someone with no eyebrows, and i get really mad. they have pencils for that. painless fun pencils. and no, these aren't people whose eyebrows are gone by accident, they're gone by choice.


dink said...

Okay ...You lost me here.

Why would a person who *chooses** to have no eyebrows be interested in a pencil to create eyebrows?

**AND why does someone choose to have no eyebrows?

so lost.

wanders off in many and sundry directions~

Bryan Anthony the First said...

people, if they aint into eyebrows, there's only so much we can do...

vodka anyone??

hey honey, how's it been???

Yoda said...

Don't worry, they'll be back when the temp hits 90 degrees and they get salt water in their eyes!

Ox said...

People with no eyebrows annoy me because I never know if they're looking at me all wide-eyed or not! It's hard to read a person's face when part of it is missing!

Aparna said...

dink -- you're right. you caught me in my wicked web of logic. people don't want eyebrows because they want to make a statement. mebbe? i'll wander with you though. who knows?

bryan -- true. vodka makes me think of eyebrows less. it's been! it's been!

yoda -- true. true. trueeeeeee.

ox -- bingo. i like how you think.