Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's Enough to Make You Wear a Paper Bag Over Your Head

yesterday, late into the night, i spent an inordinate amount of time googling bollywood movie actresses. i didn't even particularly want to but once i started, i couldn't stop.

photos courtesy of Bollywood Movies.

now it's only tuesday and i'm tired and i have a major complex.

about things that only reincarnation and karma could resolve. PHEW for being a hindu. hollatcha eastern religions.

purgatory and/or eternal damnation just don't cure the superficial blues quite the same.

speaking of hell, i need to stop spewing so much hate. lest my first apartment have brimstone flooring. great for cleaning up spills though. seriously, i need to stop being sarcastic and start hugging more.

stop, drop and hold. that's my new mantra.

stop the vitriol.
drop the attitude.
hold your neighbor. (with a consent form)

let's see how long this will last.


courtesy of All Consuming.

on a happy holidays note, i did get a special seasonal espresso drink during lunchtime. i was so excited about it that when i sipped it and it failed to meet my expectations, i had to cover for reality and do a little happy dance of euphoric joy. when it continued to not meet my expectations and started to make me feel nauseous, i boldly proclaimed "it's not you, it's me" and somberly deleted its number from my cellphone. i still finished it though because the country of aparna does not have a budget surplus, if you catch my drift. sorry for the deluge of metaphors. they are so cozy and warm though.


Anonymous said...

my, my, some lovely ladies are here ...

Aparna said...

yeah yeah! like it needs to be repeated.

dink said...

ya know ...they all look very homogenized to me. All traces of ethnicity removed all flaws buffed away --doll-like and FAKE.

I think there's very little separating one from the other. I find them dull. I like beautiful INTERESTING faces, but hey I'm an artist--we're like that. ha.

Anonymous said...

man who's the jerk who ran over all those pretty ladies with a floor buffer

Aparna said...

face buffer! interesting. they are beautiful people...but they are a little sheened up. keep up the level of discussion, kids. yar har har. it's all me own fault!

Anonymous said...

that's more than a little sheened up aparna

it's like somebody shellacked them with lip gloss and flour.

Aparna said...

flour?? hahahahah. what.