Tuesday, February 20, 2007

;) Lolz!!! ;)

i am a snob. if i get one more online dating suitor who says, "wow you're really silly!" well, i guess nothing. because they all say that. if you have to point out that the clown has a red nose on, you're probably not entirely familiar with the basic clown uniform. and let's be honest, you probably don't speak a smidgeon of clownese.

and yes, the tired analogies will never be put to sleep.

call me johnny obvious, but these are my work shoes.
courtesy of Flickr and Snapshotmum

also this face needs to be erased from the lexicon -- :P (i.e., the STICKY OUTTY TONGUE face)

it's a pulsating sore waiting to explode its pus-filled ooze onto a computer screen near you. it's the essence of all that is patronizing and perverted in the everlasting demographic known as cheeseball humor. yes, we've all gone there. yes, we've also always had roundtrip tickets. anyone who goes there one-way deserves a postcard and a kick in the pants!


Lisa Fine Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

I totally agree with your call for the end of :P

Or, there needs to be a barfing face, perhaps, :O*** that the recipient of :P could use to express their nausea over such a sight.


Aparna said...

right on! OR i wish there was an emoticon for a can of mace. because mace to any face stings like the red monster from down below.