Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In Which I Try to Start a Discussion Board

this shouldn't just be my thoughts. this should also be about your thoughts.

so everyone please weigh in on the following: click me please.

urban legend or extremely plausible?

if you don't have anything to say, well, that's your cross to bear.


Yoda said...

Urban legend. There's nothing like a sexy fart. There are only two types: smelly ones and the non-smelly ones. There's probably a third type. Silent yet deadly. Man, one of those in a room fill up people is a massacre.

Q.Ledbetter said...

I'm torn on this issue. I commend anyone who scoffs at social boundaries and lets one rip around others. Public Farters live with a level of courage that I shall never know for myself; which is why my father is my hero. I, however, do not think my father is sexy

....and neither should you.

Aparna said...

yoda -- so i take it, you're AGAINST?

q. ledbetter -- agreed. i guess if you don't fart in public, you're just another one of the sheep, which brings me to my next point...do sheep fart?