Tuesday, September 11, 2007

White, Wheat or Extra Sammich?

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man.

i just went to get a sandwich. for the purposes of lunch.

and everything went relatively smoothly with the ordering process and the payment and such.

as i sip my coffee, i peruse some local paintings. all the while my sandwich is being birthed at the hands of culinary midwives.

then i am handed a bag, and told "here are your two sandwiches. the grilled cheese is on top."

"what's on the bottom?" i ask, now riveted. because it's anybody's guess! there are no other customers anywhere!

"uhh, the spinach and tomato sandwich."

somehow, from my mouth to the woman's ears, the extra toppings on my grilled cheese inspired another sandwich altogether.

photo courtesy of Flickr and Mayr

who am i to say "no, wait!"?! i am just a girl with a really bad hair* day. and winning the sandwich lottery is only right.

*how bad? it looks like it was pulled out of the head of a vacuum. i rest my face.

photo courtesy of Flickr and foxypar4


moonrat said...

oh noooooo

you didn't have to pay for the extra sandwich, did you?!

Aparna said...

no! it was sent by greater forces operating under the umbrella term -supply and demand. i paid for one. they chose to give me two. i couldn't question it. not even slightly.

burgos said...

hahaha, emoo :)

Aparna said...

omg your smiling fish!