Monday, January 07, 2008

Blogging + Bragging = Brogging

some recent good news in the world of tragicomedy! new year, same bad attitude.

here is me looking faux-smug. the hawt new face of 08.

i have a monthly blogging spot on here for a year, and other good news also revealed on this page (wear yer disbelief suspenders). thank you everyone for being supportive and encouraging. you all are the cat's onesie, and i hope i don't take you for cary granted.

thanks for playing the googaa backpatting game! i just burped, so you're all at ease!


inthemiddle said...

whattya sayin' -- you've got a great congrattitude!!

ps. i respect yr decision to go with "brogging", though lately i've grown grown fond of "blagging" -- so much so you could say "i've been on the blag"

oh, hahahaha


Aparna said...

sillary - i enjoy that we interpret it differently but just as fonly.

Q.Ledbetter said...

i'm so insanely proud of you.

anc check out that headshot you used for the website...wowie!

Tyler said...
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Tyler said...

Loudly clapping it up at my cubicle.