Friday, January 04, 2008

Case Closed on All Secrets of the Universe*

*sounds better than actual story

i just bettered myself by reading this Discovery story about star dust and outerspace explosions.

this was one of my favorite lines:
"Such explosions of very large stars could possibly account for most of the dust in the universe, Rho said, albeit with a large margin of uncertainty, since accounting for star dust is no easy task."

understatement of the epoch!

also this one:
"'Cass-A is a wonderful place to look,' said Dwek. 'It's relatively young and its [dust] hasn't been mixed with the interstellar medium. It hasn't lost its identity.'"

this one is very adult stars are boring, young stars have so much more personality! and Dwek is such a great name. Rho, also for the record, is quite a name.

this article wins my first and last Good (Article) Friday award.

FINALLY, LOOKIT THIS. splendazzlement.

photo courtesy of NASA

in less-than-stellar news, i can't stop heckling the radio. pluckily, nobody can heaaar me. they're all secret shame heckles i do when no one is around.


inthemiddle said...

secret shame heckles are the opposite of open tulip greetings. space cased closed.

Aparna said...

open j. crewlips! secret fame game! just my two nonsense.