Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year, Same Bad Habit(itat)s

sappy true tear to everyone!!!

last eventide was spent perfectly. think birthday cake with ice cream layer on a day that isn't your birthday, and you feel like you're the one person in the world without a birthday (caution: grossly bloated metaphor with audience's distended tolerance required).

as a way to treat myself today, i went mansion hunting. i used to do this through magazine perusal. but today, i actually drove to some mansions, and held up traffic by trying to photograph them (unsuccessfully) with my cellphone. i wouldn't actually want to live in a mansion (watch this statement be used against me in a far-too-improbable future). i'm sure the very mention of las casas grandes makes some biodegradable hippies yelp, but i do like admiring the massive structures for their architecture, especially the contemporary ones. for some reason, people try harder with mansions than with cookiecutter suburbia. go figaro.

many of the neighborhoods into which i sallied forth had impressive nomenclatures such as "bella terrace," "pinewood estates," "the palisades," and "glostenshire."

my favorite is when a single house had a name just for itself: think "grimleywood." it was so over-the-top, it worked. plus i peeked at the inhabitants, and they appeared to be droids.

i did capture an errant playground upon making my way back to civilization:

droids don't always have offspring, just smaller droids. smaller droids build playgrounds, but do not use them.


moonrat said...

happy new year, aparna. may it be filled with mansions.

Ham said...
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Ham said...

It's MANsions, not WOMANsions. Stuwhodio? Aparnatment!

inthemiddle said...

i grew up (on the other side of the upper middle class) tracks of potomac, md, famed for its where ridiculous mcmansions. even gets a (dis) honorable mansion in this nyt farticle:


DiSa said...

Grimleywood is awesome.

inthemiddle said...

doesn't get much (don't know) better than "grimelywood," which i'm STILL thinking about this many days later...

Aparna said...

moonrat -- you fill my heart with two-tier lighting and a sauna of happy sighs. AND A GUESTHOUSE for extra hearts to stay at!

ham -- my nickname in college was apartment. READ IT AND WEEP (in a happy way).

hilly -- I WAS IN POTOMAXED out credits cards! my cawwffee cost me ten rubles! which is hard to find these days.

disa -- shankles!

hilly2 -- shankles: the sequined sequel!