Thursday, February 07, 2008

Blawg Commenting Is Down to an All-Time LOW!


and it's dumb, and i hate it!

no i have no proof. i just have a feeling.

(see last two blogs)


Ham said...

I'm Hampton Yount and I approve this blog. How do you comment on a blog about not getting comments? Here we go universe, get ready to eat yourself.

Anonymous said...

"Blawg Commenting Is Down to an All-Time LOW!"

I blame George Bush.
And the Sub-prime crisis.
Meh, probably due to the writers strike.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's been a tough week for people. I know that Fridays tend to be a low point when it comes to commenting, and weekends in general are pretty quiet. Still, the more I comment on others' blogs, the more they come comment on mine, which is a little bonus on top of enjoying all the blogs I read.

Anuj said...

Hey A, I saw you wondrous performance in NYC with some of your sis' pals.

I've read thru the majority of your recent posts... Some LOL shit. Keep up the good work.

And I hope I did my part in rejecting your Blawg-Commenting-At-An-All-Time-Low thesis.


ps - Don't even know if you read comments to old posts. Is that something people do?

Aparna said...

ham - *burp*

anonymous1 - didn't it just end? blame everyone. blame no one!

booklady - thanks for sharing the tricks of the trade.

anuj - your comment made my day! i actually found it on accident, but hoo boy, i'm glad i did.


Um, actually, after the mess of comments you left Blawg Commenting is actually on the rise. The recession is over before it began!!

Aparna said...

just tryna do my part to effect change!