Friday, February 15, 2008

Going Green

i'm in LA right now. i went to an open mic last night, and a man dressed like a tree showed up. not to perform. just to watch. he was 9 feet tall, dressed like a tree, and called himself Treeman. during the course of the night, he had a cup of coffee, watched most of the show, used the restroom, and then left. we tried to capture him with the eye of the cellphone but he proved elusive. maybe it's better that way.

he was the best valentine's day presence ever.


Ham said...

Tree-man on phone "yeah, I'm just at a coffee shop. No I know, I've had like five coffees today. Urrrrgh. No, but there's this cool comedy thing going on inside, totally unexpected. What? Um, what? No...I'm not wearing the Tree costume. I'm not wearing the tree costume! I'm not!!! Look, I wouldn't lie to you. What? FINE! I SWEEEAAAAR to you I'm not wearing the Tree costume. Happy?"

Aparna said...

are you tree-man? were you there? your accu-racy is stunningly risque. hey PFT has a bee costume joke. would it be horrible if i did a tree costume joke?

Cissy Fenwick said...

he also went to the bathroom, and got food to go.
he was wearing face paint and had christmas tree light for eyes.

he made me nervous, but not as nervous as the fact that no one else but us thought he was unusual.

Aparna said...

christmas tree lights for eyes! was that what it was? i just told others it was a holy/unholy glow depending on how you feel about lights for eyes.

I Am Dali said...

"no one else but us thought he was unusual."

It's attitudes like that that stop most trees from walking into open mics in the first place.