Monday, April 28, 2008


I like the noise everyone makes in the office as soon as the power goes out. A collective inward whooooosh of air followed by this heavy sigh that sort of hangs in the air until the lights come back on. Like the opposite reaction of someone walking in on a surprise(!) party.

In the whoosh, I hear some relief mixed with faux-anxiety (how people think they should sound). I think we're secretly a little pleased technology gave out. There's also always one pained groan.

Amy Tan talks about creativity and the places we find it. Worth a listen.


Jackson said...

thanks for the TED link. The site has a ton of interesting speakers.

Aparna said...

I know, right?! *excited shriek*

inthemiddle said...

loving ted!

Aparna said...

glad to hear it!