Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Muppets Make Everything Better

One of my most favoritest music videos is for a song called "Freakish" by a band called Saves the Day. The chief reason is because muppets are prominently featured in it, but in a truly excellent subtle and casual way.

Here are the lyrics (just to show you guys that it's a pretty intense song):

As I'm talking my words slip to the floor
and they crawl through your legs and slide under the back door
rendering me freakish and dazed.
Well here I am. Don't know how to say this.
Only thing I know is awkward silence.
Your eyelids close when you're around me to shut me out.
So I'll go walking in the streets 'til my heels bleed
and I'll sing out my song in case the birds wish to sing along.
And I'll dig a tunnel to the center of the universe.
Well here I am. Don't know how to say this.
only thing I know is awkward silence.
Your eyelids close when you're around me to shut me out.
I'll make my way across the frozen sea, beyond the blank horizon,
where I can forget you and me and get a decent night's sleep.
Well here I am. Don't know how to say this.
only thing I know is awkward silence.
Your eyelids close when you're around me to shut me out.
Don't shut me out.

Here is my synopsis of this video, solely documenting muppet activity and participation in the video and, for the most part, ignoring humans, who get far too much airtime in society already.

  • 0:27 - A yellow muppet first enters the shot. He is slowly glowing in the frame and glides serenely across the camera view. You can see in hushed whispers and glances that people are thinking, "Omg. I can't believe Flurgh showed up tonight. He just broke up with Jibber!"

    Though it should be noted that his yellow fur is gleaming, looking supernatural practically. It's an intense night for everyone regardless because it's finally the weekend, and Flurgh is really playing up the part of the Jack Kerouac beatnik type. His feathery face remains impassive even when bartender Skip gives him the whaddup-always-good-to-see-ya chin at 0:34.

  • 0:48 - Shiffle (WHO IS UNDERAGE btdubs) gets a seductive brush from an unnamed older lady. It makes his night.

  • 0:52 - Gobs and Faz are hanging out and scoping the girlies, and Gobs gets pulled out on the dance floor! Right in front of Faz. Gobs was supposed to be Faz's wingman!

  • 1:09 - Bratwurst is putting money down for another drink and is taking long drags on a cigarette. His muppet hair is all gray and ashy from his habit. He looks a bit worldweary as well. He's a loner.

  • 1:22 - Neffie takes the last swigs of her margatini. Another night alone at the bar! (this is an emo video if you couldn't tell)

  • 1:27 - Quick shot of Yaj looking for his date. She must've scrammed. Perfect.

  • 1:33 - Beeley and Jasmine are going strong. Nobody could have predicted they'd still be together.

  • 1:38 - Flurgh is shown being a wallflower for the night, trying to keep a low-profile. He looks over to commiserate with resident wallflower Simon, who refuses to make it a party of two and makes it evident he feels that way. Poor Flurgh.

  • 1:47 - Rippa is having a great time with his blonde flavor of the week. If only his high school buddies could see him now.

  • 1:50 - Yaj found his date! Or someone who looks like her anyway.

  • 1:51 - Flurgh is trying to chat up an attractive stranger but she's got her eyes on the new muppo in town, Trib of the green locks.

  • 1:53 - The same Trib who happens to be discussing stock options with Chet and Beepy.

  • 2:01 - Greeley, Beeley's bro, is seen surrounded by women! He's the resident casanova, but he still feels a bit empty inside.

  • 2:07 - Assorted mupps shown dancing including Jibber and Frizzle. They're just here to shimmy their blues away.

  • The rest of the video continues with more and more muppets shakin' it on the dance floor, and then eventually, all of them gather around the lead singer at the piano and join him in the final chorus united at last.

    It's uplifting and powerful! I am a radical muppet lover though. That's all there is to say about that.

    (Diss-claimer, i.e., Claiming All Disses): I know some may interpret this video as scandalous because it's adults in a nightclub scene with muppets interspersed and lots of pseudo-debauchery, but I choose to see it in a more artistic light. Call me a rebel. I don't care.

    And in case this blog completely alienated you (not its intent), these two gentlemupps will probably agree with you:


    Ty said...

    Wow. I forgot that that Saves the Day song existed, much less that I still own that album. I probably would never have seen this if it weren't for your muppetgenuity.

    Now do a play-by-play of Weezer's "Keep Fishin'" video!

    Aparna said...


    I thought this muppo blog would be written off as a whole bunch of hoohaw, but you believed! You believed!!!