Friday, September 07, 2007

Reality Slightly Pulls Ahead Again

it's friday, people. let's keep it caz.

last night, i checked my cellphone and i had a missed call...from myself.

for a moment, i thought what-in-the-hootenanny-is-going-on? is-this-some-kind-of-practical-and-theoretical-joke? i actually, for a split-moment, thought i was trying to contact myself from the future. then i was all like "ohhhhhhhhhhhh" in pseudo-bemusement followed by a more resigned "oh" endnote. i'm not even going to explain it, it's so disappointing.

then i apologized to a statue i bumped into.

it all makes perfect sense in hindsight. kind of like my past penchant for crushed velvet scrunchies.

absolutely stunning.
photo courtesy of Flickr and solcita


moonrat said...

luckily it's friday.

Aparna said...

not anymore it ain't!

inthemiddle said...

my heart just scrunched a beat.

Aparna said...

i heard it!